Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Slaughter Review

Well yesterday (June 15, 2007) the Summer Slaughter Tour came to San Diego. Upon my arrival I found out that Beneath the Massacre had started, there set was almost over so I just started in the Soma lobby and met up with a few friends. After Beneath the Massacre I didn’t pay too much attention to the next few bands. I was waiting for Cattle Decapitation, a San Diego local band, to get on stage.

After Arsis I believe, Cattle came on. Blaring through an unfavorable short, but kick ass set. Playing mainly songs from their new album “Karma.Bloody.Karma”(Review: But Cattle played a few songs from “To Serve Man” and “Humanure”. After their set I bought myself a Cattle T-shirt and their 7” “Ten Torments of The Damned”. Cephalic Carnage took the stage next, and after the moshing I did for cattle, I decided to just bang my head like a crack-induced maniac.

Decapitated played next, and they were pretty good. I’m not too familiar with Decapitated so I can’t name any of their songs. After Decapitated came Necrophagist. My friend was obsessed with them so we went to the vary front. After being bludgeoned in the head like 5 times by crowed surfers, and smashed by those around me, I decided to go into the pit, and with in the first minute, I get punched in the face. After regaining my composer, I took some time to head bang, and the guy in back of me decided to do the same. Unfortunately for him, our heads collided. He got me in the back, and I got him in the front. I held my head for like a second, but the guy behind me was fucking screaming, “FUCK!” It pays to have a thick skull after all.

Near the end of Necrophagists’ set, I walked to the lobby and bought a Cephalic Carnage 12” “Lucid Interval” and the guy gave me a Mastodon sticker (I have no idea why he had one) and a Cephalic Carnage poster for their new album “Xenosapien”.

All in all, it was a pretty good concert. I wish it had been louder than it was. But hey I give it a 4/5.

Remaining dates are as scheduled:

Jun 16 2007
House of Blues
Los Angeles, California

Jun 17 2007
The Boardwalk
Orangevale, California

Jun 19 2007
Hawthorne Theater
Portland, Oregon

Jun 20 2007
Studio Seven
Seattle, Washington

Jun 21 2007
Midtown Ballroom
Bend, Oregon

Jun 22 2007
Country Club Theatre
Ogden, Utah

Jun 23 2007
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, Colorado

Jun 24 2007
The Bottleneck
Lawrence, Kansas

Jun 26 2007
Pop's (St. Louis)
Sauget, Illinois

Jun 27 2007
The Pearl Room
Mokena, Illinois

Jun 28 2007
Majestic Theatre
Detroit, Michigan

Jun 30 2007
Robot Mosh Fest V
Hartland, Wisconsin

Jul 1 2007
Cleveland, Ohio

Jul 2 2007
The Opera House
Toronto, Ontario

Jul 3 2007
Foufounes (Night One)
Montreal, Quebec

Jul 4 2007
Foufounes (Night Two)
Montreal, Quebec

Jul 5 2007
Quebec City, Quebec

Jul 6 2007
The Palladium
Worcester, Massachusetts

Jul 7 2007
Baltimore, Maryland

Jul 8 2007
BB Kings
New York, New York

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