Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hallows Eve Live!


Plugging Into Megadeth

Metal Merchants

Death & Insanity

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bill Hicks

This blog is mainly for Metal, but Bill Hicks is so legendary that I got to post this stuff. If you enjoy this go and buy any Bill Hicks CD or one of his DVDs. It is well worth the money.

Legendary One Night Stand, 1990

The Last Bill Hicks Show


Monday, July 16, 2007


Originally I was going to do news on this blog, but I've been pretty fucking lazy with this blog and I do news for another site anyway.

Here's a link to the news I do:

I update it pretty regularly, almost everyday. The news is mostly Metal related, but if ,me or any other poster sees some interesting shit, we post it their.

Most of the news is taken from or

These 2 sources are always marked as the source for their news, if you have a site and wish for me to use you as a source, then leave a comment with the link. The news MUST BE ABOUT METAL! NO MALLCORE SHIT!

I'll try to update this blog more than once a month with my own reviews on various Metal related shit. I plan on doing reviews for the following releases: Vital Remains, Nile, Behemoth, 3 Inches of Blood (live review will hopefully be up after their show with Behemoth on the 22 of July), and many more.

So checkout this blog at least every month. I'm going to search youtube, along with other web sites and post a monthly concert. This month's was Immortal, and next month I was aiming for Hallows Eve.

Well, that's about it, thanks for deciding to wast you time reading and viewing my blog. I hope you enjoy it once I start updating it more.



Saturday, July 14, 2007

IMMORTAL Live at the "Inferno Festival"

[01] - Wrath From Above

[02] - Dammed in Black

[03] - One By One

[04] - Sons of Northern Darkness

[5] Immortal - Unholy Forces of Evil

[6] Immortal - Tyrants

[7] Immortal - Solarfall

These videos are from the 2007 & 2003 performances.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Slaughter Review

Well yesterday (June 15, 2007) the Summer Slaughter Tour came to San Diego. Upon my arrival I found out that Beneath the Massacre had started, there set was almost over so I just started in the Soma lobby and met up with a few friends. After Beneath the Massacre I didn’t pay too much attention to the next few bands. I was waiting for Cattle Decapitation, a San Diego local band, to get on stage.

After Arsis I believe, Cattle came on. Blaring through an unfavorable short, but kick ass set. Playing mainly songs from their new album “Karma.Bloody.Karma”(Review: But Cattle played a few songs from “To Serve Man” and “Humanure”. After their set I bought myself a Cattle T-shirt and their 7” “Ten Torments of The Damned”. Cephalic Carnage took the stage next, and after the moshing I did for cattle, I decided to just bang my head like a crack-induced maniac.

Decapitated played next, and they were pretty good. I’m not too familiar with Decapitated so I can’t name any of their songs. After Decapitated came Necrophagist. My friend was obsessed with them so we went to the vary front. After being bludgeoned in the head like 5 times by crowed surfers, and smashed by those around me, I decided to go into the pit, and with in the first minute, I get punched in the face. After regaining my composer, I took some time to head bang, and the guy in back of me decided to do the same. Unfortunately for him, our heads collided. He got me in the back, and I got him in the front. I held my head for like a second, but the guy behind me was fucking screaming, “FUCK!” It pays to have a thick skull after all.

Near the end of Necrophagists’ set, I walked to the lobby and bought a Cephalic Carnage 12” “Lucid Interval” and the guy gave me a Mastodon sticker (I have no idea why he had one) and a Cephalic Carnage poster for their new album “Xenosapien”.

All in all, it was a pretty good concert. I wish it had been louder than it was. But hey I give it a 4/5.

Remaining dates are as scheduled:

Jun 16 2007
House of Blues
Los Angeles, California

Jun 17 2007
The Boardwalk
Orangevale, California

Jun 19 2007
Hawthorne Theater
Portland, Oregon

Jun 20 2007
Studio Seven
Seattle, Washington

Jun 21 2007
Midtown Ballroom
Bend, Oregon

Jun 22 2007
Country Club Theatre
Ogden, Utah

Jun 23 2007
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, Colorado

Jun 24 2007
The Bottleneck
Lawrence, Kansas

Jun 26 2007
Pop's (St. Louis)
Sauget, Illinois

Jun 27 2007
The Pearl Room
Mokena, Illinois

Jun 28 2007
Majestic Theatre
Detroit, Michigan

Jun 30 2007
Robot Mosh Fest V
Hartland, Wisconsin

Jul 1 2007
Cleveland, Ohio

Jul 2 2007
The Opera House
Toronto, Ontario

Jul 3 2007
Foufounes (Night One)
Montreal, Quebec

Jul 4 2007
Foufounes (Night Two)
Montreal, Quebec

Jul 5 2007
Quebec City, Quebec

Jul 6 2007
The Palladium
Worcester, Massachusetts

Jul 7 2007
Baltimore, Maryland

Jul 8 2007
BB Kings
New York, New York

Monday, May 14, 2007

Metal's Dark Side: Vol. 1 Review

“Metal's Dark Side: Vol. 1” is probably the worst DVD ever made! In all retro-spect, I suspected as much. After reading multiple reviews talking about the pointless garbage being said on it, I still felt compelled to watch it and do a review.

Now, it isn’t completely bad, it’s really just pointless to buy. All the interviews are mediocre, the production (especially on the Satyr interview, though it might have been intended to be that way) is mediocre on many parts, and the videos get interrupted at the beginning, but are fine later on.

Jasmin St. Claire is basically an mtv VJ who became possessed. And the ONLY good thing about the part was she “expresses” here “philosophies”, is that she’s naked in a bathtub! And you still don’t see anything (that would half been the only highlight, just because you at least have something to look at while she “expresses” her hate). This part would have meaning “IF” she would give legitimate reasons why she felt this way. But she doesn’t, and its really like listening the a 12 year old rambling on about everything she know nothing about.

If you feel so inclined to view this movie, do your self a favor and rent it! Or some other way in which you wouldn’t spend a lot of money. The interviews are ok, but all the questions are basic, and already pretty well known, you could get a lot better interview off a podcast or web site. And the 3 or 4 videos shown can easily be streamed on YouTube. And the Dimebag tribute is nothing that hasn’t been done better before. Just still photos with background noise.
So as for a rating, I give it a 0/5. There is really no reason to pay money for this crap. Now, if you can get it for free, it is worth having at that price. So if you feel so incline rent, borrow, or whatever else is cheap, to get it and view it before you buy it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cattle Decapitation: Karma.Bloody.Karma Review

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Title: Karma.Bloody.Karma

Artist: Cattle Decapitation

Label: Metalblade (

Artist Site:

Rating: 3.9/5

Cattle Decapitation are well on their way to becoming a household name for Death Metal fans, especially with 2006’s Karma.Bloody.Karma under their belts. Josh Elmore is quite the guitarist, Troy Oftedal plays bass, Travis Ryan does incredible vocals, and long time drummer Michael Laughlin helps mold it all together.

Starting things off with a typical Death Metal intro, that includes typical Death Metal growls and whatnot, they quickly jump into “Unintelligent Design” and “Success is…(Hanging by the Neck)” two defining highlights of this album.

Rushing into a nice technical one-minute song “One Thousand Times Decapitated” which shoots into “The Carcass Derrick” a pretty basic Death/Grind song.

Next comes “Total Gore?” this song is more technical Death/Grind Metal, it may not be original but it is done well! Using their deep screams in the back ground for atmosphere, and awesome guitar work! “Bereavement” comes in, and being less than two minutes long, quickly takes off into a all out assault going straight to “Suspended In Coprolite”

“Suspended In Coprolite” is one of the beast tracks to get the progress and intensity Cattle Decapitation have improved for quite some time now, and the little melodic parts are quite a refreshment until your hit up side the head with their usual assault. “Alone At The Landfill” shoots in with a soothing intro (well as soothing as Death Metal is concerned). This is one of their more abstract songs, not as neck breaking as its predecessors, yet not melodic. And at about the 3:50 mark, is completely consumed by what you’d expect a Black Metal band to do! With screeching yells chanting “Hideous, Shameless, Toxicant. Goddammed desolate” till the song comes to a stop. And trust me, if you played this at Halloween, people would be pissing their pants!

Coming back with the technical Death/Grind, is the title track “Karma.Bloody.Karma”. That, at about half way through the song, comes in with some screams that sound like something right off a Burzum record. Starting things off lightly again is “The New Dawn”, and soon enough, cookie monster war growls are screamed over the lightly distorted guitars and bass. The harmonics go great with the vocals, but it isn’t any In Flames melodies, this song has just as much Death and Grind riffs as any other song on this album.

And, ending the album is a greatly titled track, “Of Human Pride & Flatulence”; this song continues what the end of “Alone At The Landfill” started. Another song to put on your Halloween playlist.

All and all Karma.Bloody.Karma, is a great pick up for any Death/Grind fan. While Cattle Decapitation turns off most people due to the fact that all their lyrics are a reflection of the bands vegetarian ideals, I, and I hope many of you! Am opened minded. Not only do I eat meat, but I also hunt, and just because a band sings about the “evils” of killing animals, doesn’t mean I’m not going to listen to them. Carcass is a great example! Most, if not all of the members were vegetarians, and I think a few were vegan.

So if you feel so inclined and like good Death/Grind, I suggest you pick up Cattle Decapitation’s new album Karma.Bloody.Karma.

Toxic Tunes (best songs on the album): “Unintelligent Design”, “Success is…(Hanging by the Neck)”, “Suspended In Coprolite”, “Alone At The Landfill” and “The New Dawn”

Track List
Unintelligent Design
Success Is...(Hanging By The Neck)
One Thousand Times Decapitation
The Carcass Derrick
Total Gore?
Suspended In Coprolite
Alone At The Landfill
The New DawnOf Human Pride & Flatulence