Monday, May 14, 2007

Metal's Dark Side: Vol. 1 Review

“Metal's Dark Side: Vol. 1” is probably the worst DVD ever made! In all retro-spect, I suspected as much. After reading multiple reviews talking about the pointless garbage being said on it, I still felt compelled to watch it and do a review.

Now, it isn’t completely bad, it’s really just pointless to buy. All the interviews are mediocre, the production (especially on the Satyr interview, though it might have been intended to be that way) is mediocre on many parts, and the videos get interrupted at the beginning, but are fine later on.

Jasmin St. Claire is basically an mtv VJ who became possessed. And the ONLY good thing about the part was she “expresses” here “philosophies”, is that she’s naked in a bathtub! And you still don’t see anything (that would half been the only highlight, just because you at least have something to look at while she “expresses” her hate). This part would have meaning “IF” she would give legitimate reasons why she felt this way. But she doesn’t, and its really like listening the a 12 year old rambling on about everything she know nothing about.

If you feel so inclined to view this movie, do your self a favor and rent it! Or some other way in which you wouldn’t spend a lot of money. The interviews are ok, but all the questions are basic, and already pretty well known, you could get a lot better interview off a podcast or web site. And the 3 or 4 videos shown can easily be streamed on YouTube. And the Dimebag tribute is nothing that hasn’t been done better before. Just still photos with background noise.
So as for a rating, I give it a 0/5. There is really no reason to pay money for this crap. Now, if you can get it for free, it is worth having at that price. So if you feel so incline rent, borrow, or whatever else is cheap, to get it and view it before you buy it.


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